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eTitle and Escrow A Gary based start up title and escrow company. Our mission is to leverage technology to make the home closing process simpler, easier, more convenient, and less time consuming. We will use an electric or digital closing process.
Nutri-Sprout MicroFarms Nutri-Sprout MicroFarms creates packs of frozen broccoli sprouts, the most potent source of sulforaphane, that are perfect for adding to a smoothie. We provide customers with the most safe, consistent, and easy to use broccoli sprout product.

Smalltown Coffee Co. Good friends Annette and Elizabeth founded Smalltown to roast and serve the best coffee possible in a way that honors and invests in people on both sides of the cup. They currently source, roast, and sell coffee beans.

Level Rite Concrete is your solution to lift, level, and stabilize failed or sunken concrete. Concrete often fails due to poor soils, voids, tree roots, moisture, etc. With our polyurethane foam injection process, we can inject the foam into the soil, which will result in filling and expanding into all the voids, lifting and aligning the concrete, stabilizing the soil and concrete from moving again.
The Pool Python is an Efficient Pressure-side Skimmer, which installs in minutes and operates whenever your pump is running. Leaves, hair, bugs, grass cuttings all are collected BEFORE they enter your filter system or sink to the bottom. The Pool Python is a quality product, well constructed using the best local materials and long-lasting reusable bags.